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Roy Miller, Costa Rican also, signed with NY. He's gonna be an impact defender.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2010 on Real Salt Lake signs Saborio at Soccer By Ives
the article says Rico is back he off the injured list already?...or is that just wishfull thinking?........
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2010 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Huh?..where did you hear this exactly?
ya i just saw that too.. this is stu's chance to impress for EPL action.
Does anyone know what channel and what time the game against El Salvador will be played? Furthermore, I think both of the above mentioned players are not Nats' material.
totally agree, all progress that has been made will be lost. Lock outs hurt the game, and if it happens to "soccer", the sport will be looked at as a major fail in this country. Look at the NHL, its a only a vestige of what it once was. MLS needs to stop playing chicken, and come to a mutual agreement with the players union. These past few years have been an indication of how big and succesfull this league can be in the future. Getting the CBA signed is imperative for future growth and development of the game in this country. C'MON MLS GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!
Ives- There have been reports from Mexico saying Vergara (owner) has lost naming rights to Chivas de Guadalajara. There have also been rumors circulating that as a result Chivas USA will be rebranded. Is there any truth to this?
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2010 on It's Q&A Time (February Edition) at Soccer By Ives
why are the red bulls playing children for preseason training? lol
Instead of returning to MLS,I wish more americans would play in the Argentine league, Brazilian league or even the Mexican league. these leagues are technically superior to MLS. if europe isnt a good fit, try something else. EJ has the physical attributes to be a threat, just needs more skill, drive and humbleness.
ok, Adu needs to be smart and humble. he is still young, but lets be honest, besides the first stint with benfica (which wasnt that much success); he hasnt had much success else where abroad. MLS is not that bad,sure its not europe, but he needs confidence and more discipline.both of which can be obtained in MLS. there is no reason why he cant become a decent player.just go to MLS, play, learn, improve your work ethic and your body. then maybe when your older go give europe another chance. coming home and playing in MLS helped donovan become USMNT key figure, it just maybe the case for Adu. i dont believe nor did i ever believe the hype machine, but dont see why he cant learn and get better.
nah,i hope we play costa rica and us for the final, and i hope aguirre misses the qualifier match.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2009 on Aguirre handed three-match ban at Soccer By Ives
ok,being on the england 2010 WC roster was more important than playing for the galaxy for becks.. he prolly has no clue what the names of his team mates in LA are. that being said, the Gals are playing decently and have some kind of chemistry. Becks is prolly not even match fit, and they should just bench him and use him as a sub the rest of the way. that will screw his chances for the WC. He's not coming back in 2011. And the MLS doesnt want him back quite frankly.
i want to see some kind of combo of cooper/altidore or cooper/davies. it would be interesting to see what problems too big forwards can create for the other team. also i think adu would create more havoc as a winger.