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ok this is what im going through i actually grown with god and learnt god real good he is a part of me i feel him now i use to dance for years i stopped 7 months ago i go to church alot now i got a real good job doing nails i like it alot very thankful i just have old friends that i try to tell them hey i dont go out to clubs i dont strip i dont drink socialize talking sinful all that i dont do anymore and dont want 2 surround my self with people like that and so now i have no friends cuz they all think im crazy cuz i didnt do the things i use 2 i care 4 my old friends but they wouldnt accept me or god and i hurt cuz wanted the best 4 them!but all i can do is pray hopefully one day theyll wake up.they wont even go to church!i tryed to help them.what should i do i care but noone wont let me help them!!!!my old friends i guess there the past