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XM Radio remains relevant because of its content. It doesn't just "go beyond" local AM/FM--it has (or had) many exclusive stations: MLB, NFL, Howard Stern, Oprah, etc. Some of those same stations are now available via their respective websites and as iPhone apps, but I wouldn't count XM Radio out of the game yet. The Kindle, meanwhile, is still in the process of landing big name content providers as exclusives. Stephen King debuted a short story, "UR", in Kindle's e-bookstore. Stephen Covey and other authors are offering older works as Kindle e-bookstore exclusives. But until a Stephen King or a Stephen Covey gives up writing for a traditional publisher and signs a Howard Stern-like exclusive contract for their next full-length book, I don't think the XM Radio comparison is apt.
I wish they would just bulldoze it and rebuild, rather than destroying its charm bit-by-bit. As long as they get it over with quick... -- Andrew,
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2009 on Crane Kenny's March Madness at Cubby-Blue
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