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Dude has Dogs and lives at the beach! Why would anyone pushing 30 at the end of peak career want to move abroad. His body will hold up longer in MLS and he will be with his dogs and the hot Socal babes. Dogs and Beyatches people!
Bolivia Rocks!!! Thank you Jaime!!!
Censorship has begun! Actually, I thought it was intelligent. Sorry to hurt both of your feelings!
PC, your crush on him is showing. The difference between Avi and I is that he gets paid! Robbed infers it was theirs and was stolen from them or that something was taken from them that they earned. So after you are done licking a** here, you can start the french kissing phase of your relationship! Wash you mouth first though!
Avi----"Robbed" How were they robbed? How about did his job? Another hack reporter on this site!
@ IVES "It's a frustrating situation for American soccer, especially when you consider that both Movsisyan and Soumare could be in uniform for tonight's USA-Brazil friendly, but it's the reality U.S. Soccer is faced with"......REALLY IVES?? A country with the size of our population and you find frustrating that we have to depend on imports?? The USA is one of the easier countries to immigrate. What is frustrating that we can not get our best athletes to play soccer not because some players have to follow the process to play for the USA.
Ratones Verdes they are!!!!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2010 on Aguirre resigns from Mexico post at Soccer By Ives
Does anyone care? RATONES VERDE SUCK! He is a fraud! He lived in Miami while coaching the Green Rats! But the kicker is that he was doing commercials promoting that Mexico is getting safer and a great place to be! All the while, he has stated he wants to go back to Europe for safety concerns and lived in Miami! Some Mexican Pride!!!! The writing was on the wall when they lost to Uruguay and some players did not speak to the media after that loss!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2010 on Aguirre resigns from Mexico post at Soccer By Ives
I would disagree! THIS IS NOT THE MOST ANTICIPATED MATCH IN US SOCCER HISTORY! I believe 2002 match against Mexico was most anticipated! If we lose, we still can advance! If we would have lost to our most hated rival Mexico, we went home and had to listen to all the Mexico fans in the USA! So, although great match today, not most anticipated! Don" believe the hype!
Read article a while back that also stated that he was upset about some players on U17 speaking Spanish during the 2005 U17 World Cup in Peru. No problem with him not playing for USA, but Rossi is where the hate really needs to be directed. Subotic gets a pass.
If so upset about immigration law, why not boycott the entire country since the feds lack the the political balls to support anything short of amnesty! Remember as soccer fans how we and our players are treated at our own home matches and the crap we have to put with from Mex fans. Oh the double standard and arrogance of wanting to come here only to boo our national anthem and throw things at our players and fans during matches! The filth that is the Mexican government is only concerned about the billions in remittance and pushing their bottoms feeders here so we can take care of them! Hope you enjoy the free stuff while booing our national anthem!!!
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I am, Hope you feel better Bailong76. Sounds like you are a candidate as well DB!
Which begs the questions, why have family member involved as agent?
yes it was.......But so what
That makes him more of a DOUCHE BAG for knowing the ins and outs of coaching and getting of the middle of his son's playing time! n Sounds like daddy making up for him sucking eggs and not making a world cup squad! SHBA=Should have been aborted!
Sounds like one of these douche bag helicopter parents! Like a parent calling a college professor to discuss 22 year old daughter's grade in upper division chemistry! What a punk! No wonder Kenny sucks, daddy stunting progress! Put him in the category of " should have been aborted!" Dad = Douche!
FROM GOBIDUSA site.....Sounds like all cities will get a match, but who knows...Some may have to pull out! Official statement: Eighteen cities have been selected as the official host cities for the United States' Bid for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup. The following cities will form the United States bid to FIFA. Each city could see World Cup matches in their venues if the US is awarded the honor of hosting the world's largest sporting event.
America, F**K Yeah, we are going to host one of these! San Diego, great call! Weather, proximity to border (right next to it), Olympic Training Center here and of course the beaches and hotties! Lots of 5 star hotels!
On a side note, read book entitled "Soccernomics" and it addresses issue of these types of tournaments not having significant economic impact on hosting countries. Economists predict for South Africa, at best, it will not be economic loss! Maybe the stadiums will become new shantytowns once vacant after WC is over! Do not buy the hype that it will be economic boom! Happiness and joy yes! Also, suicide rates will most likely drop as well! Cool!
Agreed! Why is Detroit even on the list!
Stanford is great place to watch match! Agreed with Cali call!
Bay Area will for sure get a nod! Philly in the summer? Also, massive populace of soccer and many things to see up there!
San Diego.....On border with Mexico(is that a good thing?? hahahahha), plus the weather in summer does not get hot nor humid. Perfect climate! But will go to LA and Bay area first! Rose Bowl will host the final, Although Pasadena in the summer is too hot! Seatle, in summer is could be great for final! not too hot! Go San Diego!
What am I trying to say.......TURD WORLD! I am sure you can read!