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I drink it when I can have a good one which is not always the case in Dallas. I like a coratido after an authentic Cuban meal! I guess I should get a cafetera because most if the time the meal is cooked by me to guarantee the authenticity!
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Hi Marta, I loved the pictures of the Big Fat Cuban Family! I can relate to the You don't look Cuban thing very much! I live in Dallas so the perception here is you that if you speak spanish you must be from Mexico. I do not look Mexican, because I am not, so I always get the "You don't look Mexican comment. I respond, that is because I am not. Then....So how do you speak spanish? Then the Cuban really comes out and I start my culture awareness and diversity information session with them....LOL ! I mean really, what does Cuban look like? I start to give examples of famous Cubans ( ex: Celia and Cristina, Bob Villa, El Duque and Cameron Diaz I mean really...dang people ) Slowly some of these Texans get a clue and say I guess you are right! At that point I think they really just want the crazy Cuban to shut up! I am by far a bigot, being married to a black man, my sister is married to a man who is half Thai and half Italian so believe me our family is an arroz con mango for sure, but I wish people could just be more socially concious of the world....will some people ever realize that there are many other latin countries other than Mexico??????? LOL I think I look very Cubana...who cares what everyone else thinks! : )
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