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Harry - she is an Namibian living in South Africa. Works for the justice dept. - irony of ironies
I'm not that surprised about Mazrui and his article. Sign of the times... I just returned to Israel from a 2 week trip to Joburg. While there I had a chance to discuss issues pertaining to Gaza with friends of mine. One (now ex) friend sadly revealed her true colours. Her reaction to our discussion (OK, I spoke, she shouted and spat)was so viperous I woke up with a back and neck spasm the next day which lasted for a week. Briefly, she turned out to be an anti-Semite: ("Israel must disappear. The Jews must disappear. It's the ONLY solution!" she screeched); and when I bid her husband farewell that night she said, "I hate you. I want you to know that. You used to be such a beautiful person but now you have become a voice for evil." What a nutter.
Demonising Israel in a bid to curb antisemitism abroad is not the solution. Freedland's comment, "It's perfectly possible to condemn Israel's conduct and to stand firmly against anti-Jewish prejudice." is both selfish and narrow minded. We need to look beyond this. IMHO the only way for us to halt the spiral of violence is to strengthen the moderates on both sides and create a dynamic whereby Israelis and Palestinians can eventually vote in separate referendums on a final peace agreement. To do this we (here in Israel) need the help of the Left. In Israel and abroad. It's time to abandon the call of Freedman, of Kasrils, of Geffen. It's time to say, "No" to those who say, "Not in my name"; it's time to say "Yes. In my name." In my name I will do what it takes to understand the issues on the ground, the geopolitical stakes, and work to secure freedom, peace and justice for the citizens of Israel, and a state that will one day - for the first time ever in history - be called Palestine. As a Zionist Leftist I think that's a pretty noble cause.