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Jeff, You said these words in an earlier post: "We're all at least a little sexist, racist, and biased in all sorts of ways unconsciously. Being aware of that is the first step, but nobody can get away with not needing to walk." I admire your desire for us to move past racism, sexism and bias, but have you?. Are you still biased, taking that first step, or walking? You also say: "It's not just that the people who make up polls for the Washington Whispers page would not expect John McCain to run a daycare center. It's that they would probably recognize any of these other appeals to stereotypes as offensive." You don't know the intent of the writers of the poll. You don't know that they are making appeals to stereotypes, you are assuming that. When your writing assumes unintentional racism or sexism in the hearts of others, you are, in my opinion, biased in your own behavior. I am a male nurse. Many years ago I was up north ice fishing with my five year old daughter. She loved to talk to me about my work and it was clear she had an interest in it. After talking for a while she asked, "Daddy, I would love to be a nurse. Can girls be nurses too?" I told her she could be whatever she wanted to be. Was I guilty of gender insensitivity for inadvertently leading her to believe that nursing might be only for males? Was she guilty of stereotyping because she assumed, based on a sample of one, that nursing is a male profession? I would also say that I would trust Michelle Obama to care for my kids any day of the week. She seems like she would be a great daycare mom If she wanted to be. She also appears to have a superior intellect and other skills that would be well suited to a number of different jobs or avocations. Hillary would also be a great daycare mom or a great President. I bet she will also be a great Secretary of State. You might be a good daycare dad too. Do you have an interest? We broke up the thought police posse several years ago. Much of society has already moved on towards a post racial, post partisan world. I would respectfully advise you to focus on policing behavior that you can see and measure and not commenting on your unverified assumptions about the intentions or thoughts of others. The Democratic Party went down that road in the past with disastrous consequences.
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