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Doesn't it make sense that the more recharges it would decrease the cycle life Even if rated for 10000 cycles ,if it was used and rechaged every night it would reduce to 5000 for auto use. I guess I don't understand the significance of this study.
Dave , 3.9 L equals 239 cub inches, I don't believe it is as small as you say
I have problems with people making educated quess's. How many times have you heard of an autopsy stating the person died of pollution. I realize many with lung problems would last a few weeks/ months longer with no pollution however it is very difficult to determine causes.
I am somewhat surprised by some of the extremely negative comments. I to beleive it will be some years before this technology is fully developed. It may not be Rossi initially , however there are too many others working on the technology to be fake. Many should read comments and studies by SRI,s Dr. McKubre, MIT, NASA, DARPA, and info from, Toyota, Mitsobishi, and others.
I should have said temporarily disable in the above entry.
All this is very interesting,but I wonder if anyone has done a study on what affect a major solar flare would have on the electronics within autos. We know it wipes out the electric grid. Can it burn up, not just disable, auto circuitry?
I have a lot of confidence in Musk, but I would bet this thing either falls thru or will never come close to achieving this goal.
If the Solar Hydrogen Trends announcement is accurate, it will be far and above the production this implies.
Dave R, could you explain your statement about already having 100% backup.
What a coincidence, just when the administration are blaming cattle flatulence and belching for all the methane in present day. Sounds fishy.
If that is the rule "if Lower fuel use,all emissions should reduce proportionatly" , they are asking too much. Reducing any fuel use, emissions or any of these items should suffice.
In reference to the about entry, what I question are the numbers they come up with.
It's difficult to dispute studies such as these but has anyone every thought about what facts,statistics are used in making these determinations . I have thought about in. And done some studying and still it appears to be an educated guess. There are hundreds of other studies such as this and i must admit i question some of them.
I read comments often about the Koch bros. I fail to see any decisions made recently in N.C. that would assist them or be to their advantage. I think we are making so many excuses for the left (including present gov) it is driving me to the right.
Sean, lasvagas said in effect we shouldn't control costs, if you agree with that, i totally disagree with you Also "shutting down a successful biofuels program", do you know it was that successful? I"m sure it had some successes however but was it worth the cost. We tend to think ( including myself) that any green project is great.
Lasvegas, If that is your philosophy people should just keep spending and go deeper and deeper into debt and never pay off any depts.
Although it seems it would have been better to leave it open, perhaps they had accomplished what they were capable of. I do not live in N.C. but their administration is doing a great job in controlling costs.
Thank you, I thought it was only me whom had no idea what they were talking about.
I have seen no mention of the additional taxes being imposed in some states in the US , and planned in other states to compensate for using less fuel for, BEV,s HEV,s and PHEV,s. That should be included into the equation.
Two million vehicles per year by 2030. An absolutely ridiculous statement to make. No one can predict that far ahead, other than that a decent article.
Ai vin, I have been around quite a while and I have never heard 4 out of 5 doctors said smoking is good for you. I believe you are confusing 4 out o 5 doctors recommend smoking X brand.
Two comment, Why would the professors doing the study ruin their reputation by either misleading people or faking results. They all appear to be knowledgable. ( there were others in the study but the report was only written by the six.) In early 2012 Rossi stated very little nickel was used and it could be recycled.
Harvey, Interesting statement that only 2% are bad loans. Could you tell me where you found that info, also is that 2% of the number of loans or 2% of the money that was loaned. Big difference. Thanks
Many months ago, Toyota determined that EV,s were not price competitive nor battery reliability satisfactory at this time. When those two problems improve they can build an EV in a short time. I agree that the EV market is not great at this time.