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New Haven, CT
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This seems to underrate the importance of policy expertise no small amount. One of the reasons we have committees is because after a really long time on the Financial Services committee, Barney Frank knows a lot about financial services. That means we not only get better policy outcomes but that other members - and even the public - respect and defer to his developed expertise in a way they probably wouldn't otherwise to hot bottom Barney ( In the absence of that respect/expertise under a system like the one you're proposing, I think we have some good reason to think the real experts - those hired by industry - might consequently have more sway (as they should under such a system!), not less, as their informational advantage would be much greater and thus the demand by members for their view of the world greater in turn. Having said that, something probably should change. But I'm not sure there's a way to reconcile these things without fairly deeply Draconian ethics reforms, which would themselves probably wade somewhat into the policy-expertise-ruining. Any concentration of expertise will also entail a concentration of power and thus of influence-ability. I don't think it's a clear tradeoff. Finally, I mostly disagree with this paper, but it's food for thought.