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I switched to Amazon prime streaming for $40 year and I have both a Redbox and Blockbuster Express within a mile. I'll try life without Netflix for a couple years.
It's obviously a bad name on purpose to ruin the business and close it down.
Rented "Paul" from Blockbuster Express tonight - funny. That another dollar that Netflix doesn't get.
Have Gun Will Travel - one of the best of the western TV genre. ~ Paladin
Titles used to reappear in my queue because they were saved, but but no more, the Netflix bastards.
I don;t care about my queue - I'm not coming back.
I just quit Netflix effective Sept 4th.
The juices made from concentrates need to use better water sources. Simply filtering water for better taste doesn't remove many contaminants. California politicians passed legislation requiring fluoride be added to our water, so now we have another toxin to be concerned about. "Taste filtering" cannot remove such industrial wastes. If TJ's would use fluoride-free water I would start buying their juices again.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2009 on How to Contact Trader Joe's at Tracking Trader Joe's