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One of the driving factors you're leaving out is the "clubbiness" of the Senate, i.e. Chuck Schumer supporting Joe Lieberman after he lost his own party's primary. I suspect that too often senators put too high a premium on staying in the good graces of their fellow senators than in the good graces of their constituents.
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on Snowe and the Logic of Defection at Obsidian Wings
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I suspect that things like this will be cited as 'evidence' that we were just about to win the war when those damn progressives interfered again in things they knew nothing about, just like in Vietnam, so that all those servicemen died in vain and the Iraqi people were doomed to more bloodshed. Thankfully, we won't have a Jane Fonda photo for the new Dolchstoßlegende, although I'm sure her name will be dragged out again.
Toggle Commented Mar 1, 2009 on Noted, lest it be missed at Obsidian Wings
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Tony P. has put his finger on the heart of the matter. d'd'd'dave wouldn't be making this investment if he wasn't planning to make money from it. The project he is planning sounds great, and, to the extent that he met or exceeded any local requirements governing low income housing, he is to be commended. But beyond that, I have little sympathy for his position. // I will take money out of my own pocket to supply equity for it. I will borrow for the rest. To borrow I will pledge all of my net worth to the bank - so that if the project fails I'll have nothing left of what i've spent my entire life earning. ... People like you will benefit from my life more than I will benefit from yours. // I was a United States Marine and during my enlistment I bet my life that I could help keep this country safe without getting killed. d'd'd'dave, you were able to amass your wealth partly due to the fact that there were people who made sure that you weren't at the mercy of those who would take it away from you (and I mean everyone, from the police to the military, not just myself.) So whether you want to base your grumbling about being made to pay your fair share on what either the risks you take (yours being taken mostly for your own benefit), or what benefit your life was to others (and unless you are doing this development in silicon valley, I ain't getting squat out of it), you might want think about the degree to which your accomplishments were achievable due to the benefits you get from the 300 million of us who take our own risks every day that you never even know about.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2009 on More Audaciousness at Obsidian Wings
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