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MAD made me the man I am today! What? Me worry? I am Alfred E. Neuman!
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on The New MAD Magazine at The Sudden Curve
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How mad is that?! :D It moved me!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2009 on Click on This at The Sudden Curve
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I too watched every episode of "The Invaders" as a kid and was fortunate enough to watch them repeated when I was in my twenties or early thirties. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was as sci-fi doesn't always age well. Land of the Giants felt dated from its first airing! I had a great affection for the character David Vincent, my father was also an architect. He didn't run off in search of aliens but he had run off by then. :( Wasn't the series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea a spin off from the film? Walter Pidgeon, now there was an guy with gravitas! . . . Forbidden Planet . . . Oh Sci-Fi, how I love you, how I love you, my dear ol' Sci-Fi. What's this One Step Beyond? Don't think it made it one step beyond the US or is it really, really incredibly old?
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2009 on TV Series of the Sixties at The Sudden Curve
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"I'm going in the Hudson." Good call. Those geese didn't give him much time, did they?
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I just lapped up the River World series, it was like being transported into a whole new and very real realm. I read that nearly thirty years ago now and I still always expect it to rain at 6pm. A great writer and visionary, I mourn his passing.
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