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Amanda, I just want to say thank you. This post brought tears to my eyes. You shared something beautiful and true here... Despite the challenges of what arises with teenagers, I especially loved the last line... Our sons and daughters need to be held and it feels wonderful for both parent and child, even when they're older... They may not need to be held as often or for as long... But the magic of being vulnerable and held by your parents (literally and figuratively) is a gift that is always here for us if we're willing to say yes. I just watched Emma Watson's speech at the UN to represent the #HeForShe campaign. While she talked largely about the plight of women from around the world she also discussed the need for our sons to feel safe being vulnerable and sensitive. Thank you for raising your sons in the way you do, Amanda! You can watch the video here if you're inspired to:
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Olivia! This is wonderful! And I'd LOVE to win one of your beautiful canvas prints. I love seeing Click, Click Love grow and flourish like this all while you have a newborn! You're an incredible artist, woman, and mama, lady. Love you.
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How wonderful, Olivia! I can't wait to see these images every week!
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Olivia, I love you! So, so much. Holding the space for you... The joy, the silliness, the tears, the frustration, the fear, the worry, all of the physical sensations and challenges throughout the whole journey... Loving you and honoring you. Soon, this will feel like a dream. Now, it's intense. You have many people loving you through it all.
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My girls would LOVE this board! Fingers CROSSED!
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True beauty! In all ways! xoxo
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I really want to try these out! Reusable and just lovely to look at! Fingers crossed!
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Ah, yes, practicing gratitude is the real path to joy. Enjoy this abundant week, Amanda!
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Olivia! This makes me so happy! So thrilled to see that you're back here. Love you!
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I love these pieces! I've been needing a salt cellar so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. ;)
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Such a beautiful post, Amanda. It always brings tears to my eyes when I witness a child who is truly seen, understood, and heard by his parents so gracefully. And forging the path with your eldest is something, isn't it? Our oldest is almost six years old... Of course, we're learning everyday and I know the lessons will only get more interesting every year. xo ~ Laura
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Amanda, that first picture is childhood perfection personified! Beautiful!
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I really love her stuff. I would be very happy to be the winner this time around. :)
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I was just at Alewives this week. Their fabric is so beautiful and they provide such a diverse array of choices! A beautiful store!
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Heather, I love your comment about clean homes in Northern Maine. My father grew up in Limestone, five minutes from the Canadian border. My grandparents (and everyone else we visited up there) kept the tidiest, cleanest households of anyone I've ever known!
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Love you, Olivia.
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Heather, thanks so much for posting this thorough account of your experiences and feelings about attending IIN. I enrolled in the May 2011 program and, although I have not completed my first year, I wholeheartedly agree with your take on the school and what it has to offer. The program is for people who are passionate about holistic health, who are able to work well on their own, who think outside of the box (this is a big one!), and who are really interested in launching a business in the health field. The business training is excellent, which is one of the major reasons I enrolled in the program. My background is in human development and family studies (still working on the completion of my Phd... a slow process but I'm getting there!) and I knew that I wanted to directly work with women and families, as opposed to researching them as I had been for the past ten years. I first learned about IIN through your blog post when you enrolled, Heather. I researched the program for about a year. I was highly skeptical of the distance learning aspect... Was this a scam? However, I saw what IIN graduates are doing around the world and I loved your 30 Day Vegan workshop... Long story short, I took the plunge, the leap of faith last May and I am so grateful I did. I launched my business, The Nourished Home (, in September. I primarily work with women, expectant parents, and families from preconception through the family life cycle. The work that we do as health coaches supports clients in exploring the big picture of health and well-being, from the foods we eat to all of the aspects in our personal lives that sustain us or hold us back. We support our clients in embarking on a health journey that is deep and transformative. I am doing what I love and there is great energy and momentum around this work (as I am sure you can attest to this, Heather!). I am currently working with clients in Maine (where I live) and New York via skype and phone consultations. I would say to anyone out there thinking about a career in this field that the whole world needs a health coach and people are hungry for this kind of support. I encourage you to think deeply about what population you would like to work with, essentially what is your niche market? Once you have a vision about who you want to work with and a general understanding of where your passions and strengths lie, there is so much opportunity to do powerful healing work. Heather, thanks again for sharing your journey with us. If I had not read your original blog post about IIN I may have never enrolled! So thanks for that, too! Warmly, Laura
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Wonderful! We'll be cheering them on!
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