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Toronto, Canada
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Yes, We have the same issue Greg. I'm on the Rogers network in Toronto. My outgoing emails work on Wi-Fi, but not 3G. They worked for a little bit, very slowly, after I restored my iPhone to factory settings and unloacked captcha, but now it's back to having trouble contacting the outgoing mail server. HELP!!
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P.S. I can still receive mail on my iPhone perfectly. And sending mail seems to work fine from Wi-Fi. It's only on 3G Rogers Network that my outgoing mail server is messed up. Thanks in advance!
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Mine's still nto working. I removed my Gmail mailbox, added it again by choosing "Other" on the accounts page, antered in all the required info perfectly, went the the URL you suggested on my iPhone and unlocked Captcha but it still doesn't work. Any other suggestions? I think I'm going to try and restore my iphone and set everything up again. I think it may be layering accounts on top of each other and having issues. (it all once worked perfectly)
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