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Jon, When I explain I design presentations, many times I hear folks say "Oh, I know how to do PowerPoint/Keynote so I do myself." I know I don't make my candle any brighter when I attempt to blow somebody else’s out. Unless I can show a potential customer some of my before and after examples I have found it difficult to explain the difference. If you have coaching ideas and or feedback I'd love to learn how you handle this objection. Jon, I also agree it's not helpful to our audience when we are asked to attach a company logo, website and/or phone number to every slide. I know some refer to this repetitive corporate identity as noise. If I were making a simple verbal presentation with no visual aids I would never stop and mention the name of the company every few minutes. This additional information is distracting and makes a negative impact upon both the function and design of a slide deck. The goal is always to create a clean and clutter free slide presentation so our clients can concentrate upon the message from the presenter. Great Post, I so enjoy your work. Cheers,
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