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Aaron Smith
Portland, OR
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"Let me try to say it more succinctly- When online stuff enhances offline relationship? Good. When it replaces it? Bad." I totally agree. :) I guess I just see there being some natural safe guards against on-line life replacing off-line life. Not saying that it could never happen, but I think that only someone really bent toward anti-social behavior would... wait, that's not right at all. I just thought of the WOW phenomena. And after thinking about it, maybe the safe guards I see are really ones I have put in place for my own health... What you said in response to my question about the forum was really good. Got me thinking about this even more... thanks.
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I see what your saying here Bob, but something feels... missing or off center in your diagnosis. Don't know if I can put my finger on it just yet, but I do have a few questions. Would you give the same warning to someone who was on the evergreen forum all the time? Do you see the potential of someone, or a group of someones, lighting up the forum with conversation and comments while missing out on the community of Evergreen? Or would the activity on the forum indicate they want to be part of the flesh and blood community? I kind of think that the natural result of virtual communities is to seek out the people we connect with on-line in real life situations. Look at the trend of tweet-ups and events like Social Media for Social Change (sm4sc). Maybe that's just the circles I follow, I don't know. I do know that I see event notices on face book all the time (and not just for evergreen). I hear about people doing 3d-meet up's quite often, from twitter and group blogs. And, I hear allot of talk about supporting local events, economies, and people. It just seems to me that while your warning is valid, it is in no way the norm. edit- Caleb's comment is another thought I was having.
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I'm really excited to read this book (Bob, maybe I could borrow your copy sometime?) Skye, I do have a thought/question: Many consumer driven churches seem to point out the various programs they have through out the week as the method they are using to make disciples. It feels as if some churches are saying, "we use the consumer-driven ideas because it works to get people in the door, where we can then try and funnel them into programs we have to train them to be disciples." Any thoughts on this method of making disciples? Can it be effective? Is it a legitimate defense of consumer-driven methods, using what "works" to get people into a disciplined method of discipleship? How would you respond to a pastor telling you this over coffee?
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Tina, Thanks for that. I love the diversity too. I'm so glad that evergreen gives teaches the chance to fly or fail in the "pulpit". In Blair's case, I really hope he does get a chance to stretch and grow in that area. I think it would do him good. But I'm also thinking about different ways a community gathering can play out. Not sure if a speaker at the center of the gathering is always the best model. Not saying it should be totally abandoned... I don't know though. Just thinking out loud here. I do really appreciate your story though. It gives a new perspective on it all. Need to think some stuff over now. :)
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