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Richard I. Garber
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Susan: Excellent advice. I said something similar about large numbers on August 17th: In January 2010 I discussed small numbers: Richard
Great! That's much more useful advice than the lame old cliche to imagine your audience naked.
Nick: Excellent information, as usual. Last April I blogged about Dr. Shirley E. Schwartz, whose inventive magazine columns made her topic of motor oil interesting. See: Even though it’s been forty years, I still remember a series of amazing university lectures in a course on mechanical metallurgy taught by Professor Jack Low. He began his case history detective story by passing around a small plastic box. Inside was a replica of a thumbnail sized crack that led to the crash of an F111 bomber, and grounding of the entire fleet. Then Jack described both how that failure was analyzed, and what was done to keep it from happening again.
Dave Paradi has a mobile version of his Think Outside the Slide web site that is useful for troubleshooting PowerPoint problems:
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