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Thank you for your quick respond, Is it the order still take 3 weeks to receive the fabric? In your response to other customer, you said "In general we are printing and shipping orders within 10 days". Is it true? if it is it would be great, . Thank you
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Hi Stephen, I live in Milwaukee, WI, US. I'm doing a school project, which I need the fabric within 1 to 2 weeks maximum, is that possible, I would pay more the the priority shipping and any other priority fee. Is that possible? Thank you so much,
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Hello, I'm designing a textile pattern on Adobe Illustrator for 1 yard (36inches square). I have couple questions about prepare the file. 1. Do I need to have bleed around the border? Can you printer print border-less? 2. If I submit a 36 inches square design, can you print it on the fabric 100% exactly the same size? Thank you
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