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Hello, Thank you for your wonderful post. It resonated... I curate an aggregator - - that focuses on health issues, humanitarian work and technology that supports both. Unlike most aggregators, which focus on what's new, what's popular or a narrow niche, TrackerNews' mixes things up every way it can. With a mission to foster multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspectives, the range of topics covered is both a point of pride and the point altogether (slide show: TrackerNews is also little unusual in that stories are not organized by category, but grouped for contextual relevance (breaking news, research papers, blog posts, websites, book reviews, e-books - print, audio, video). Older material mixes with new, bringing a unique depth the an otherwise minimalist connect-the-dots-style of storytelling. (The oldest article linked on the site was an Atlantic magazine piece by Amory Lovins that 25 years ago predicted pirates off the coast of Africa holding oil ships for ransom). Eventually, everything ends up in a searchable database. From the get-go, the focus has been on building something of more enduring utility than a just a collection of headlines. Personally, it doesn't matter to me whether only a handful of people click on an esoteric research paper included in a grouping, but rather in giving serendipity a boost. It's not always quantity but also quality of connection that can make a difference. TrackerNews is still very much "v.1," but it's been a tremendously interesting learning curve. There is actually a great deal more going on behind the scenes .... More as there's more!
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