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Thank you Robert. Radars don't lie. Oh, yes, I listen. Signs take me there. I pick up on lots of things lately, not easy to feel everythng so sharply at times. signals do come - what a mystery! and how precise they are! and they come in many ways and forms. They are mentors from above.
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Talking about good or bad. before things happen - signs appear, always, especialy when necessary to pay attention ina big way or small but personal. Never fails. Mine are - my body reacts - to the point i can't eat when it occurs. I was invited to a party, but 1 hour before it, I got fever to the point I could throw up, and I never have fever. Heavy feeling, but yet - I dressed up and went. Something unpleasant happened there - I should have stayed at home. Then the bridge which I cross 5 times a day, went up to let the yacht go through and the bridge was stuck in teh air - couldn't go down - didn't let me go where i was going, so I went several blocks around and the dinner was not menat to be... Not oftne when this happens, but fever in general is bad, but in my case, it is good - a warning.. we need to learn to listen and accept
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Hi Robert - to suspend judgement requires some patience. Nice to cool off before responding, ha? Might be a reason behind? Might be a sign. Whatever it is - I feel better now that Mars is in Taurus.
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