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I couldn't agree with you more about Christmas. (Especially the part about the government sanctioning it by giving us the day off.) I'm continually flabbergasted by the folks who try and tell me that Christmas isn't a Christian holiday. They, of course, are flabbergasted that I don't celebrate it. Oh, and thanks for the education on Memorial vs Veteran's day. I hadn't really thought that clearly about it before.
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That was a lovely smattering. I feel like there should have been toast points. My recommendation for your daughter is: New College of Florida, my alma mater. It consistently gets rated nationally as the best value in public schools. It's not within driving distance, but it is small and diverse. My only caveat with New College is to make sure it has whatever major she wants before she applies. Yes, you can build your own major, but it's really though when the building blocks are not there. Re: Curt - scarier things have happened. eg The Governator.
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(I hate to do this, but technically it's P.S., and P.P.S., etc. on account of the P stands for Post and the S stands for Script.)
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