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How much do you want to bet that ever-brainless and now financially bankrupt California, which continues to spend taxpayers dollars as though they actually had some, will proceed (as aways) their own arrogant way and approve charging stations before there is any widespread agreement 1) on how they should operate and 2) the actual electrical connectors. Judging by California's past efforts at ineffectual air quality improvements via impractical and costly auto emission requirements, we can assume they will screw this effort up in a like manner. When will people learn that non-democratic governemtns like California are motivated by show biz principles, not reality. Why would anyone think that a body that can so completely ruin their state's financial ledgers, has the ability to do anything? Governments are incompetent and not answerable to anyone. The public needs to control the laws they live under, not some representatives who do as they please once elected. You'd think that the example of Obama disregarding all his past promises and passing laws that would NEVER be voted for by the paying public would lead the public to understand just how completely our representative "democracy" has failed to carry out their will. What a braindead country. No wonder people like Obama get elected.
In a fluid technology state such as currently exists in the all-important battery space, any estimates of future production rates are totally ridiculous. Ford probably issed their silly estimate motivated by something other than a search for answers. If you don't know what the future will look like, just exactly how do you justify making plans for same? Apparently Ford is taking its cue from our brailess administration and speaking in Pollyanniac terms.
Looks like fast recharge lithium batteries that are also cheaper than what's out there now (Tesla roadster battery pack - $30K,lasts 5 years; Chevy Volt battery pack - about $12K, lasts over 10 years)will arrive in 2 years, at the latest, possibly even by end of 09. If EEStor capacitors work, that's the ballgame - gas powered cars will be more expensive than electric.
It's amusing listening to a bunch of arguments that attempt to provide recise answers based on an assumption for which no evidence whatsoever was advanced : the claim that 1) al humans view a scene with such and such a field of view, and 2) that this supposed field of view is precisely the PREFERRED perspective. Obviously neither of these claims has the slightest morsel of evidence to back them up, nor to answer the obvious counterclaim that NOTHING that can be sai about any human would apply exectly to all humans. And THAT is where all of the troubles began. It reminds me of those early lobotomists who would fiecely argue whether their totally worthless and misunderstood lobotomies should be executed at this degree of rotation of the scalpal or some other.