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My word, I love it! (Pun!) Bookmarkin' ;o)
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2009 on Special Assignments at Make Something Special
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I appreciate the goal of looking for the positive and finding beauty in the chaos but it is true, it can paint a very intimidating picture when there isn't an equal balance of bad days, project mishaps, and grocery store tantrums shared to balance it out. This is why I really appreciate seeing your craft room in all of its lovely disheveled glory, Eren. I truly wish more craft bloggers would be more real. I love the inspirational photos and projects but boy I can sometimes click off a blog feeling like an utter failure at life. I've been accused of looking like a supermom online too, so I know it's hard. But truly, I do love a good bad day post or a lovely shot of a sink piled high with days old dishes. Makes the rest of us mere humans feel a bit more normal.
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