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Back in the day, FWD was a huge eye opener for us and served as inspiration for Junction Networks and OnSIP. It is sad to see it become a thing of the past. Back then you could use one of maybe 2 software phones from Counterpath with your FWD account. That was it. Today, there are numerous sip and xmpp software apps available to work with sip/xmpp services like The future is bright for SIP.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2011 on Free SIP Accounts, Again at VoIPWatch
The OnSIP team has been working with the iSIP team throughout their development cycle. Here's the latest iSIP review. It's a good start. We have reported some issues to the development team who have been very responsive. We were quickly informed the problems are addressed in the next release which is currently in review by Apple.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2009 on iPhone VoIP Clients at VoIPWatch
I have to believe this is just keep alive money in a tough VC environment. Long term, this model does not work. Ultimately, Ooma will be left to operate in a very competitive hardware market. The "services" they dream of up-selling are well on their way to commodity status.
I agree, for the most part. #3 - While there are an ever decreasing number of instances, some customers of our business voip service experience dropped packets and latency due to Internet hop issues that neither the customer nor the provider can control. #2 - Setting up business voip service is EASIER than setting up Internet service.