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Fabian has the flu, LD is injured, Josi and brek are lippy primadonnas, and the budget has not been balanced yet?....FIRE KLINNSMAN!!!
How dare you use statistical inferences here on this site, no matter how spot on it is!
Cough...cough....Ej got a call...cough... Fringe players...start shaking.
"guess whos back?" ...Back to do WHAT? Weve kicked this can down the road for too long.
Great point with regards to crunch time. US definitely needs to secure passage to the next round so experimentation should not be a focus so no sense in naming players fit for january callups. Having said that, I do feel that some of the players that have not seen much playing time such as: Castillo, Goochi man, Beasly, Fiscal, Spector, williams and Corona should be able to iether get a start in one of the games or get meaningfull minutes somewhere. I think that it would be a benifit to be able to have players that have played within JKs tactics/positions.
Bedoyas' pass = Money... Would be kool to see this kid get a real (any) shot at playing wide right for the USMNT.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Well thank you Mr. Football Officionato. In my 25 years of watching what was the league prior to the EPL, the EPL as well as every other game that was and is televised in english, I have only heard that maybe twice. Common? Youre full of it. In addition, considering that we are not overseas I want to take this grand oportunity to tell you to STFU and mind your own. Carry on.
Eaaaaaaasy SBI...its a pk. Not a free kick with a wall in front of "Altidore converted the shot from 12 yards out..."
I think its really important that you look beneath the surface when analysing or comparing formations. Ideally when you prepare for a team you want to trot out a formation that will 1) minimize the effectiveness of a superior team. 2) maximize your strentghts when opposing an inferior team. When you take a look at the US formations under Bradley, he was notorious for using the 4-4-2. Two DM's would alternate in the advanced role and ultimately play a two-way game as much as possible but for the most part, there would always be 1 defensive DM in front of the back four. One thing that Bradley always got right was utilizing his selected team in the proper formation. That being said, many (myself included) would not rate his selections high at all however, he knew what he had and what their capabilities were. The main knock on Bradley is not playing attacking football and his innability to influence a portion of the the game from the sideline with any real consistancy. I watch all US games, friendly or not. From what I saw under bradley was a very conservative philosophy. The problem with that was the innability of the players to switch that formation up when the midfield was conceded by the opposition. There really was no room for deviation from that formation because of the conservative approach instilled by Bradley. It made the US very predictable and redundant. Take a look at what has been heppenning since. We have played a variety of formations as a result of attempting to impose our will or minimize the oppositions strengths. They range from 4-3-3 to 4-1-3-2 and I hav ealso seen 4-1-3-1-1 in addition to a 4-4-2 in a diamond. The team might be a bit more defensive however, it is in the attacking side of the field in addition to working 2 and even 3 DM however, because they are in the attacking side, you really cannot say they are restricted to containing and ball winning. This was not the case in Bradley's era. They were strictly there to ball win and contain. 1)Our team looks to pressure high up the field attempting to regain possession 2)The team now looks to distribute from the back using the single DM midfielder. Under Klinsmann, you will notice that the formation changes up as dictated by the game. Just because you happen to see a 4-4-2 does not mean that they intend to play that way. It just happens to come to that because of the interchanging and defending that is happenning. You see this at every level of the proffessional game. It is rare to stay in the same formation and why would you? Chances are you are not pitching a shut out every soccer match soo the game dictates how you approach it and in what formation for that particular stretch. It is a benefit to be able to switch up formations during a game as opposed to sticking with a 4-4-2 from beginning to end.
As soon as he decides to retire from competitive soccer.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
RF10 is great but truth be told, its more like NFG10
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Let it go...
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Matt Taylor = Dangerous
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Dont get it twisted SBI....its much easier to go far post than near to beat a keeper. Nthat is magnified even more on a corner considering he is facing the ball and actually protecting anything in fron as well as near. The swirve on the ball is less pronounced when going near post. There is less margin for error considering that there is always a defender on the line near post. Also, i dont believe there was a defender protecting far post on the line.Considering that...who wouldnt try and take advantage of a poorly positioned keeper and defender? That goal was easy for him. Thats why you dont see many goals far post on a corner...its too easy to defend.
If we can both agree that he has played the positon well in the past...Why would you not want to see how much he has improved, especially in a WCQ? But enough of my double talk... I think Spector is solid and he has soo much experience for his age. I think he is still 26 and can offer leadership and stability in that midfield. He doesnt have winger speed however, he can keep pace with whoever he is tracking. His pure sprint is average however, his speed of play and thought is great...from what I have seen.
Not many folks here recall that Johnny boy had a game with the US that was pure class. Tracked back...sprayed to left from wide right...took on defenders up the right flank and got off a few crosses. For some reason, Bradley never placed him in that position again. SHOCKER! I cant recall who the opposition was however, It was more memorable than his play as left full back. From what I have seen from his past and current stints in the midfield, his natural position is wide right not soo much as a true winger however a solid option out on the right. Again, I could be wrong but Spector came up as a forward in his youth days so he is no stranger in the attack.
A few things to consider. That Jamaican team is the same team you played when we lost so with that in mind, how do you neutralize their threats? Well, considering two goals were scored on set pieces the only threat they posed was benefiting from silly fouls committed in our own end. That said, you remove the unfit players i.e., beckerman and Edu. Both those players were guilty of being unfit in: 1)containing the jamaican midfield 2)maintaining ball possession. When you have 3 defensive midfielders failing to win the ball, failing to keep focus in defending in addition to failing to connect with the attack, you have a recipe for disaster. I am surprised there weren't more chances created by the Jamaican team. As a result, you alienated Josi, Herc as well as Dempsey leaving them stranded in the attacking half of the field. Wing backs were also pinned in defense all night long as a result of the over-run midfield. There was absolutely nothing down the jamaican flanks. If you take a look at SBI's projected lineup, you can see that SBI thinks it is best to "attempt" to pin the jamaican midfielders in their own half by virtually playing a risky 4 attacking options up top. You can throw that type of lineup out however, should the US fail to establish possession, Torres will fail miserably tracking back and winning balls. Williams is ok however, he too will be over-run. Dempsey, Shea and Gomez would not be expected to track back such distances. You will again strand the attack in Jamaica's half. I believe SBI's formation along with their selection is lacking and does not play to our strengths. The best scenario would be to take the conservative route and flood the midfield and utilize the two best possession based players at our disposal to pull the strings in tight spaces. This would only work if you insert a true ball winner behind them. If you are able to win the majority of the possession, you will avoid getting beat up the middle and minimizing play down our flanks. If we are able to take the lion's share of possession,then you will have the option of the Wingbacks and wingers getting up the Jamaican flanks and into the attack. -----------------#1------------------- Dolo-----Cameron----Bocanegra---fabian ----------------Jones----------------- Spector---------Torres------------Shea ------------Clint--------------------- ---------------------Altidore---------
______________1________ Dolo-Cameron-Fiscal--Castillo -----------------Dr.Jones--------- Williams-----Torres---Johnson --------------Dempsey------------ -----------------Altidore-----------
Get ready renken..youre going to get a lot of playing time.
Looks like the future usmnt winger thinks hes ready to give the primadonna a run for his money out on the left side...good for him.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2012 on Gyau on trial with St. Pauli at Soccer By Ives
What a f*ckin disaster for his agent affiliated with Traffic or something?
The olde Ship...If not the lions den at my tio Chuys' house.
Its in the hood...