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May 19, 2010
p.s. Go Lions!
"Tracy! I always like hearing from you. But I'm sure you didn't comment looking for me to banter pleasantly. :-)" Au contraire! I've enjoyed our bantering as well. We disagree but it's fun. So far. Don't go slacking off on me now Ali... ;) Regarding the abortion ad... I often hear 'pro-choice' folks say, "Nobody is 'for' abortion". Yet the moment someone says they're 'against' it, shit hits the fan. WTF? That's one of the most asinine concepts I've ever heard. "A loud, bigoted minority suddenly becomes the apparent voice of the majority in such cases, which sucks." First, I contest your numbers here. As such, do you see that that's how a lot of these folks see the gay movement? A loud bigoted minority? (As in, they feel gay beliefs are being forced down their throats just as gays feel others are jamming their beliefs down theirs.) No deep throat jokes now Ali. Especially if we're talking Jonah Falcon. Egads. And I'm not disappointed at all, thank you for your thoughts :)
Ali, 'Choosing' life is somehow misconstrued as "anti-choice rhetoric". Please explain. "Whether CBS is homophobic or just didn't want to deal with audience backlash and field inarticulate hate mail and death threats from rednecks, Evangelists, and middle-school dropouts..." You know, just because someone disagrees with homosexuality doesn't mean they should be stuck in a liberal 'label' box. Do gays like it? I sure the fuck don't. "The network is choosing the easy route over possibly broadening horizons by suggesting that, yes, it's okay if two people of the same sex engage in consensual kissing." I read this as, 'good business decision'. Regardless what you or I think of the issue, the bottom line IS the bottom line. (Apparently they'll get around to Katie Couric sometime in the future...) "(Plus, let's not forget that capitalism + unregulated lobbying = awesome.)" or government + special interests = awesome "If anyone out there can channel some prejudice and provide another side to this issue I'd very much appreciate the opportunity to practice swinging my bigot beatstick — which is to say I'd enjoy an objective, unbiased discussion of the subject, of course." So for disagreeing, am I an uneducated, hate-filled, evangelical, prejudicial, insecure, close-minded bigot? Again, so open-minded on the Left... Swing away -
Five foot nine? Really? I know this should go under the 'Jonah' article. But still, SHEESH!
I wonder which is worse... Getting fucked up the ass by Jonah Falcon? Or getting fucked up the ass by the USPS? Well Ali, we all know what one feels like. I guess we'll have to stay tuned regarding Jonah's career opportunites.
" awful lot of bad writers feeding mis- and dis-information to an awful lot of poorly educated people who aren't smart enough to know that what they're reading is bogus or that it simply sucks in a sixth-grade writing level sort of way." There are an awful lot of bad 'journalists' making six figures (plus!) doing the same exact shit. That's another reason a lot of respect for your trade has gone down the shitter. "("writers" that confuse its and it's and who are still demanding to see Obama's birth certificate)" I'm not a writer, I rarely confuse "its" and "it's", but I'd still be interested in seeing that alleged birth certificate. Not a big issue to me, but yeah, you know, show it, that's all. "...the quality demanded and the quality supplied are equal." This fact applies to so many things - our education system, many who receive entitlements, and government workers, just to name a few... People often rise to the lowest level that's expected of them. And I believe that's the case, whether they're unpaid anonymous bloggers, or overpaid talking-heads belching talking points. Indeed, "...the quality demanded and the quality supplied are equal." "So, why in the name of capitalism would a businessman pay a experienced..." Doh! Bad timing for a typo sister! ;) You're definitely in a tough market Kim, I wish you the best. Genuinely, and I think you know that :)
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My brother and I used to fight over who got more ice cream if we had some for a treat. My dad constantly told us to stop. One night when we were bickering he comes in the kitchen and says sternly, "Give me your bowl!" Down the drain goes my brother's. "Give me YOUR bowl!" Down the drain goes mine. "Get the ice cream out of the fridge." "No, daddy!" "Get the god-damn ice cream out of the fridge!" Down the drain goes the rest. "There, now you both have the same amount. None." And he walked out of the kitchen. My dad rocks. I wish I were that good.
Kim, Yes, he would drop even lower. Which would be a shame - what makes her hitting him in the head with a club any more excusable than if she'd cheated on him like that and he hit her? It's inexcusable, both ways. I'm trying to understand the meaning behind your post? :)
Holytroll, I agree. She, quite obviously, had good reason to be pissed. But had the roles been reversed, she cheated and he hit her with the club, he'd be in a world of trouble. Regarding the media? Most of them are agenda-whores, driven by their political beliefs rather than reporting facts and the truth, which is an abhorrent negligence of their DUTY.
"I can tell you are a stand up guy." I heard (doesn't mean it's true, granted) he was nailing someone in his Escalade in a Church parking lot right next to a park. Yeah. Real stand up guy. Do you think he moved the kids' car seats? Or just maneuvered around them? You know, and I'm serious, cheating happens. But what he's done is down-right whoring. Gross.
Definitely one for the 'WTF?' category. Assholes.
Should have let 'em sink. This is what happens when you subsidize failure. They're just failing more slowly. And expensively. See when I get mad about this shit, I'm told by the 'mainstream media', that I enjoy having a scrotum whacked about my head and face. The only scrotum I feel smacking me is in the ass as I'm bent over getting fucked up it by the government and banks. Too much overlay here Ali - isn't Geithner (also given a 'tax-break' the rest of us would never be eligible for) from Goldman Sachs? Dirty, dirty, dirty, filthy, mother fucking thieves.
Perhaps they should get together with Brian Williams of NBC. He's impressed with, "better-than-average" people.
I jest somewhat, but I'm also serious. I know I'm a responsible and productive citizen. And for me, weed has nothing to do with responsibility and productivity. I'm not really commenting on the legality issue. I just don't want it to be respectable and responsible like the rest of my life is.
What the hell? How long have I been reading this site and just realized somebody else has been the author of a lot of these posts? Sorry Kim, and whomever else, if I addressed any comments incorrectly. That said, AHA! Ali, you're the actual blaspheme!
Blaspheme! Judas priest Kim, then the government will want to TAX it. That's just WRONG! A tax? On weed? Wrong, wrong, wrong I say! Is nothing sacred?! Stop all this crazy talk, you've been drinking too much. (I can tell your altered state is due to alcohol and not smoking because there isn't any orange cheese-dust fingerprints on this article.)
I have no idea what to say. I saw the last ten minutes of this program last night and couldn't believe my eyes. Or my ears. There are people who really behave like this? And talk like this? These 'people' make the Buttafuoco family look classy. Ugh. Absolutely disgusting.
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On a similar note (kind of)? I'd like to see it be mandated that food manufacturers put on the label/box, exactly WHERE the food was made. NOT distributed by X company, or product of X company, I want to see, "Made in X". Are you aware how much candy is made in fucking CHINA?
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2009 on Big Beef, Little Conscience at Pimp My Wry
Ali, Here, here! I thank you for an excellent and well-thought-out response. "Of course, making large-scale American manufacturing work again is going to require convincing businesses big and small (as well as consumers) to buy American-made goods and labor, which means any combination of reduced executive salaries, lower factory wages, higher import tariffs, narrower profit margins, heavy taxes on outsourced labor..." Why reduce exectutive salaries though? I just get nervous when I see things like that because it 'smacks' (can't really think of a nicer word) of class-warfare. I personally don't give a shit what someone else has. If they've worked for it, and whether or not you or I agree, they've earned it, I don't want it, it's not mine, and I'm not going to cry in my Cheerios over it. If I were smarter, harder working, and a cut-throat business-woman, I too could most likely attain much more in life than I have. But, I'm not. And that's up to me. They did, so good for them. I also disagree with narrower profit margins and heavy taxes on outsourced labor. Lessen the cost of labor (yes, read -'unions') here and companies will less often go elsewhere. It's common sense to me, but that's just how my brain works. And your ideas are obviously common sense to you, that's why you think your way. The world is indeed a beautiful place, yes? Tracy :-)
Yes, that's pronounced with a sneer.
"If we had a free market, AIG and most of Detroit's auto manufacturers would no longer exist, thanks to a little natural selection, economics style. And don't get me started on Goldman Sachs ..." Amen. They should have gone down the shitter long ago. Gegarding your disdain, for "big business"...Businesses exist to make money. That's just the way it is. However cruel you think it is, or disdain their profit, it's what makes the, and your, fucking world go round. Remember telling people to buy your book from the bookstore and not ebay? Profit-monger you. Ali: "James Murdoch tonight launched a scathing attack on the BBC, describing the corporation's size and ambitions as 'chilling' and accusing it of mounting a 'land grab' in a beleaguered media market." I'm sure the only reason he was "chilled" by the size of the BBC is that he wasn't in a position to mount a "land grab" of his own and buy it out in pursuit of his own "ambitions." Could his concern be that the BBC is a government-run enterprise? Being polite, I'm guessing you don't have a problem with government-run media? Crooks are crooks, and they do exist and prosper in both environments. Last, don't get me started on Google. Look how they're totally fucking the Chinese citizens by letting the Chinese government sensor content. My guess is they also monitor those users where there's record of words like, "independence", "liberty", and "human rights" being searched. Mmmm, big government...
Let's start with the low-hanging fruit - Islam. Homosexual sex is punishable by death in five 'Muslim' countries.