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Hello Jimmy, How are you ? I am e-mailing you from No. Virginia, DC area where I have lived for the past 15 years. Do you remember the Hughes girls (6 look a likes) from Morrison Ave ? We lived behind you and my cousins were the Koerber girls. (Not a bad looking lot in our days) I use to be fast and skinny enough to dodge the bulldog that patrolled Faulkners property. I have clear memories of taking the short cut through my back yard, climbing the Faulkner "mountain" and running across Faulkner's driveway to avoid the buldog who might bite my head off before slipping beneath the fence that lined the property between the Koerbers and the Faulkners property. I still have dreams about being in the Faukner "mansion" after all these years. I wonder what ever happened to the Faulkners ? I have good memories of you and your family. We have lost one of our sister's who attended St Clements in 2004. Do you still play the drums? I use to play with my cousin Suzie. I always felt like a dog next to her. I had a major laugh when I read your article and a bigger laugh at the commentaries. My sister Mary received a phone call from one of her friend's who said "Ding dong the witch is dead" when poor Sr Helene finally passed away. I have stories as well but I remember trying to avoid her constant spittle when she went on her tirades. After having 4 daughters who were verbally abused and scarred from these nuns, my parents finally spared my 2 youngest sisters from going to St Clements after my sister Margaret (#5) had major issues with the witch Sr Clementina. I have fond memories of having a tug of war with Sr Clementina because once again in first grade, I was caught not paying attention. She tried to drag me to the principals office. I refused and was terrified for my life. Yes, we can not forget the good nun Sr Clementina. I have more stories but will end on this note. Thank you anf keep in touch!!
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2009 on Funny now, scary then at The Somerville News Blog