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I am New to Trucking, a Woman who has been driving only 13 months. I had no prior affiliation to the trucking industry. The rigors of moving freight effectively, the logistics has many challenges, much of the failures in communication to move this freight leaves the individual driver holding the bag. I have been writing about my Student Trucker experience and I am present on Twitter. As I uncover this world I am sickened by how much Government Oversight & Greed has permitted Lobby Groups to stick it to the hard working Men & Women who stay up day & night , risking their lives to deliver America's Food & Clothing. In a series of articles that a few Truckers have recently contributed to for the parking situation in Virginia, people have started to turn up the volume and listen to what is happening to one of the last American Industries we barely have left in this country. I believe we can make a difference if you write, write, and participate. The recruitment process in Trucking is somewhat link the mortgage scam. It perpetuates a false drivers shortage. Everyone is making commissions. Students, like international workers are a cheap labor resource. This is a very complex web of deceit upon the American Public. This is a time all people need to wake up & see past the brash image of the trucker & look at the industry. We have lost enough in our economy. We have seen enough corporate scandal. I am saddened more thatthe subsidies, Tax credits, commissions take advantage of displaced people with a total disregard for their true success in this field. I see people tricked into "lease-options", Student Loans & left to sit with no-freight. The improprieties are to numerous to mention. Advocate Groups who say they intend to clean up the image of truckers & assist them in success seem nothing more than recruitment vehicles for mega-training schools. It's all very disturbing