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Cornwall, England
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Firstly, I'm not here to troll, just to pass an opinion. *Connect the BNP with criminality. Won't work. Think Jonathan Aitken, Lord Archer and Harvey Proctor. *Connect the BNP with falling house prices. Voters will gasp at the sheer desperation of it. *Connect the BNP with Left-wing, socialist policies. Then they get an anti-BNP leaflet through the letterbox from a trade union saying "The BNP are in league with the bosses to divide workers solidarity". (funny old world isn't it?) I will be voting BNP, I don't hate or scapegoat coloured people as the lying propaganda would have it. The blame for what has happened to our beloved country lies firmly with the politicians, who I no longer have any confidence in. If you want to win votes use these BNP policies: *Stop immigration-except in exceptional cases (eg. Gurkhas). *Deport illegal immigrants. *Protect our industry, re-start large scale manufacturing (shut down by Thatcher). *Prioritise British workers for jobs in the UK. *Dismantle PC culture. *Leave the EU and regain full national sovereignty. *Bring our troops home from Afghanistan. *Leave NATO.This organisation was formed to deter war. Now it is dragging us into them. NEVER involve our forces in illegal wars based on lies again. Its a national defence force. And most importantly, this is my personal favourite: *GREATER DEMOCRACY. INTRODUCE SWISS STYLE PEOPLE'S REFERENDA. For too long have totalitarian projects like the EU, unlimited immigration and political correctness been forced upon the people of this country against their wishes. Now the conservatives have thrown in their lot with the Lib/Lab/Con single party consortium. You know, what exactly is the defining difference between you and the others these days? What are you conserving? If you want to beat the BNP, then become the patriotic party you once were in Churchill's Day. Oh, and stop your leader from saying things like, "Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.” The only thing that's keeping the lid on the BNP is the media. This won't last forever. Neither can the Conservative party continue to live on its name alone.
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Timforchange says: "However, a bigger problem is to categorise what we would define as British society anymore: Binge drinking? Teenage pregnancy? Those issues are hardly due to immigration or multiculturalism. Indeed, immigrant communities often have very strong and traditionally conservative social structures:" And he is right. It's the consequence of decades of enforced liberal "culture" which has rotted our society. It was supposed to bring freedom, now we are not even free to go safely into town at night for fear of being mugged or assaulted. Gangs of drunken yobs stagger about. Girls deliberately dress like hookers. Drug culture is endemic. Property is routinely vandalised. Sexual perversions are elevated in the media. What is the Conservative party going to DO about this? What are your remedies? I have no confidence in the Lib/Lab/Con one party state any longer and am open to suggestion.
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Tories calling the BNP socalists, and socialists saying the BNP are in league with the bosses. Hmmmmm, funny old world. Actually, their policy which really strikes a chord with me is the introduction of peoples referendums Swiss style. It seems to me that people feel strongly about certain issues like wanting to leave the EU, stopping immigration, ending PC propaganda and re-starting British manufacturing, yet the mainstream parties do the opposite. I can't understand why these are not Conservative policies. If they were, there would be no need for the BNP. What is it you're actually conserving by the way?
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