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sacredly breathing
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Incredible effort. Even if he never conquers his quest for time travel, i hope he discovers something valuable to humanity.
Is olive oil bad for you? [There are many who believe that added oils are not good for your cardiovascular system and contribute to a host of potential health issues (see the "15 Reasons to Avoid Vegetable Oils" post listed also on my "Favorite Posts" sidebar, for more information on this). Also, oil is not a whole food. Best regards, Mark]
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2009 on 15 REASONS TO AVOID VEGETABLE OILS at SoulVeggie
I have to agree with you on people suffering from ailments for which they ultimately have control. The name of your post should be " The price of not being vegan". [Thanks for the smile your comment gave me! I take a lot of flack sometimes, and it's nice to hear otherwise. Best to you, Mark]