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For eons, christianists claimed that the gays were incapable of having sex without love and committment and thus condemned to suffer the horror of eternal flames. This legitimized their treatment of the gays on the earthly plane, even though it goes against everything that the bible teaches on how to treat ones neighbors and even enemies. Now we have a whole bunch of the gays who are clammoring for the right to prove them wrong by demonstrating this love and commitment via the bonds of legalized same sex marriage. Christianists cannot have it both ways, and thus, their wailing and gnashing of teeth over same sex marriage. Legal same sex marriage will be the reality in all the land soon enough. Unfortunately for them, the christianists will fight agaist it till the bitter end, just like they held tight to legalized slavery and institutionalized misogyny, etc.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2009 on Rod Dreher Says Strange Things at Obsidian Wings
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