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Daytona Beach, FL
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Oh goody. Do you mind if I report a jerk on your post? I'm a Realtor, and according to our Code of Ethics, we're not allowed to say anything bad about other Realtors. I understand the reasoning behind this... it's so the dishonest ones can't spread lies amongst the public, in order to gain business. But it sucks when it's not a lie, and you can't tell anyone! Sooo, since nobody knows me here =D I'll just post a comment that was left on my real estate blog, by Realtor Scott VanBuskirk (Prudential GHP) Office Phone (360) 289-3373 Cell Phone 360) 581-5300 Fax (360) 289-2825 Address: 837 Point Brown Ave. NW, Ocean Shores, Wa., 98569 Wasn't that nice of him to leave all his personal information out there for the world to see? As for his comment, I'll preface this by stating that this was left on a blog post about ethics, and about respecting each others' blog space when we leave comments. That being said, here's the lovely comment he left me... "Oh wa wa wa. somebody used your blog. Get over it you are a piece of work." And if you mind me leaving this comment, I'm sorry! I certainly don't want to do the very thing I blogged about!
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2009 on Jerk Report at The Daily Grill