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I agree that time saved by driving at a considerable speed is important. That was of course the reason speed was introduced into the modern world. I constantly drive at 90-95 mph on long stretches of the British motorways. Going faster would save even more time but consumption would really go through the roof and there might be a little problem with the law… (goes up in a square function which would be apparent if the graphs above were the European l/100km and not the inverse function of mpg). In my 2.5 l Mercedes Turbo Diesel it feels wonderful and I got an average of 8.8 l/100km on my last tank of diesel which I cannot complain about at all! The solution is not to slow down. The solution is to produce the liquid from other means (algae biodiesel?). That has been the lesson of the past - people do not want to reduce their standard of living, just find a technical fix and let’s enjoy the scarcest resource we have on this earth. Our own incredible short lives!