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Our Hillsdale. Mi., FM sponsored, along with a Methodist Church in Fort Wayne, In., an American Indian outreach ministry to South Dakota, the installation of modern windows in Habitat for Humanity homes of the Lakota Indian tribe. One of our members, retired from a window manufacturer, organized this through his contacts in the industry. The windows were donated by the manufacturer. I believe that over 300 windows were trucked over 1200 miles and a team of youth and adults spent about two weeks installing them. Many of the homes had substandard insulation and needed caulking and weatherization. We have built a bond with the native Americans that may grow over the future. Other outreaches have been to the hurricane Katrina victims. With the current economic crisis we are attempting to meet needs of the unemployed in our community as well.
Obama's double talk on health care insurance leads one to believe that he is a liar willing to sacrifice his integrity to get a reformed and socialized system of government run health care insurance installed by hook or by crook.
When I was a university student, Cuba was recently declared off limits by our State Department and the left wing group of students were arranging illegal trips via Canada to get there for spring break, Christmas, etc. Although time has passed, I doubt that Cuba has reformed its ideology of communism or enslavement of people who do not agree to its socialist/communist agenda. Certainly, Raul Castro has not sworn off that path and they continue to collaborate with Hugo Chavez and others who are enemies of the United States.
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