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For those north of the Mason-Dixon line try growing the Romanesco variety of broccoli. Planted in the spring it will grump around all summer and then towards fall will grow like crazy, setting its unique head. Once you have tasted this type of broccoli you will become addicted. Superior flavor! It freezes well, too.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2009 on Is Patience A Virtue? at Garden Rant
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Ode to Fennel Of the feathery fennel I sing my praises. It compliments all That the gardener raises. Fennel and daisies. Fennel and mums. Fennel and salvias, All are good chums. If that's not enough Get ready to to pounce. I note that fennel pollen Sells for 25 bucks an ounce! A flavorful herb Grown easily from seed. Try fennel in combination With those colors in 'need'.
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