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Alan Orloff
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"The only real difference is the commute." ...and the dress code.
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I'm reading NO MERCY. And it's excellent!
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Congrats, Keith! I'm looking forward to reading it, too!
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2009 on Teens Get First Review at Dot Dead Diary
Those are two good examples of male writers who convey their characters' psychological struggles. Their writing has more depth because of it. Two more (imho): Robert Crais and Jonathan King
PJ- As usual, a very enlightening and useful post. Thanks for sharing your inside information!
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Thanks PJ, for shedding some more light on the cost-effectiveness of promotions. Whatever money I use for promotion, I want to make sure it's leveraged as highly as possible. No sense flushing money down the drain! And thanks for answering my question about this topic last week, too.
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