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Hill Country Mysteries
Texas HIll Country
Interests: Gardening, cooking, writing, scuba-diving, birding, nature.
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This post is priceless! Those signs smack of pea-brain. Thanks for stopping by Hill Country Mysteries and leaving a comment. Sounds like you've got a soft spot for Bevo yourself.
Loved the Nabokov quote. It should be the first thing in every writing class. We've been enjoying the anemones too, north of you in the Hill Country. Wildflowers are slower coming this year. My dewberries often show fruit by late March but are just now blooming. There is a joy to living in the season, however it is this year. Glad for the update on China's next adventure.
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Hi Martha, it's fun to find new garden friends. I love seeing what is happening in Houston. I wasn't a gardener when I lived there and now wonder how I could have missed so much. You must have great soil... Thanks for stopping by Hill Country Mysteries. PS I'm guessing our dewberries will be 6-8 weeks from bloom to ripe fruit. The birds and foxes usually let us know when the berries are ripe.
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Fun to see your creatures. I'm smiling at the mental image of Mutton and the gander. We never know what we'll see in our yard either. Lately, too many skunks. Warring over territory, by the smell of it.
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Hi Martha, the wildflowers will be a treat if you're coming to the Hill Country later this spring. Blue bonnets make a show mid-March and other species follow non-stop into June, particularly if the current trend of periodic rains continues. Hope you have a great time. Check Hill Country Mysteries for some fun side-trips.
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Thank you for including the birds. What a wonderful outing that must have been! Roseate spoonbills are a treat. Now that we're in the Texas Hill Country we see other rarities but I'll always love the spoonbills I knew in Florida.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2010 on Valentine Bloom Day at Gulf Coast Greenie
I came back because I realized that I completely left out my current favorite cozy author, Louise Penny. I love the character intensity, the intricacy of her plotting and the common threads running through her books. Just finished Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larrson. Riveting and powerful, strong social message. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one.
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You're right, the National Parks are a definite draw. What I liked about the character though was that she had significant flaws with which she struggled in each book, and there was a progression in her character through the series. Glad you mentioned Kate Shugak. She's another of my favorites. Those books are more to the raw side. Haven't read Sue Henry's, thanks for the recommendation.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2010 on More thoughts on formulas at Lifescapes
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My favorite protagonist occupation is National Park Ranger (Anna Pigeon, from Nevada Barr's series, first book was Track of the Cat published in 1994). She's tough, flawed and developing as a character all the way through the series. Plus we get inside views of fabulous locales. Different from other protagonists in part because of the physical nature of the occupation and action/risk sequences and the insight into a park ranger's life.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2010 on More thoughts on formulas at Lifescapes
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The formulas I dislike are not related to structural building blocks; they're the unbelievable events, stretched-too-far plotlines, and characters born of a need to move the story rather than an organic growth of character as part of the story.
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I chuckled at the official blessing. Is the 92 year old priest still around? He'd probably bless it again. If not, you just need more quarters and a watch with an alarm. In some cities, a body is lucky to FIND a parking space. I'm thinking you've got Karma to have had so many parking spaces...
Grin. Does Daddy read your blog? Thanks for visiting Hill Country Mysteries and leaving a comment. I was a Florida ex-pat for 20 years, never thought I'd move back. You never know.
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What a fabulous adventure! So glad you captured it in pictures and shared it. The images of the colorful boats on the lake are the stuff of dreams. I've always wanted to try paragliding...chuckled at your story. LAYANEE SAYS: It was a great adventure. Survived paragliding and would advise ginger candy before spinning in circles above the earth.
Elizabeth, thanks for putting your thoughts into the fray. Reasoned points of view help each of us make our own choices. I appreciate your courage.
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Thanks for the great info. I particularly appreciate your balanced approach. Wish this kind of approach was widespread in the health care information and discussions.
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