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An account of what I am currently making . . . and the injuries sustained along the way.
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Off to google beanbag patterns now . . . thanks for that. Potentially that could work!
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2015 on so I had this great idea . . . at threadmark
You're not wrong there - LOVE orange. And thanks for the birthday wishes. Turns out turning 40 isn't the end of the world after all.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2013 on it has been ages . . . at threadmark
Glad you like them, Vee - can't wait for my turn to come visit you!
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2013 on I've long been a fan . . . at threadmark
Cheers Max - the header picture is a mobile I made for my god-daughter. Wrote about it here:
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2013 on nothing says . . . at threadmark
Really? Wow! It's a pretty freakin' big drinking glass though - we're talking a serious gin and tonic here.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2013 on just enough time has passed . . . at threadmark
It is my sincere hope that I won't find myself in this situation again . . . but thank you very much for the advice. I will remember 'remove' just in case . . . oh who am I kidding?!? I might as well just go out and buy some now because we both know I'll be needing it before long!
Noooooooooo! You would have been gutted!
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2013 on spoiler alert . . . at threadmark
You mightn't be aware of this, Sally, but there has been a recent change in local bylaws - in order to be considered a legal right-of-way, a Christchurch road MUST, at some point, have at least one cone on it, regardless of whether there is actually any roadworks in progress.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2013 on sometimes . . . at threadmark
I know - it is really cool. Those glorious new footpaths make it so much easier to wrangle a buggy and a small human (with no road sense) on a balance bike.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2013 on sometimes . . . at threadmark
Not a huge fan of craft knives either . . .
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2013 on last night . . . at threadmark
Yeah, I'm not sold eh. Rainbow colours aside, I still think it is inherently naff and therefore doomed. And you pose an interesting theoretical question - is it the technique or the materials which make it macrame? Can you knot anything and call it macrame?
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2013 on oh hell no . . . at threadmark
Thanks Max - I was pretty stoked with my haul. And, as you say, brown is so very underrated.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2013 on you know me . . . at threadmark
It's pretty cool, eh. I am toying with the idea of a skirt, but then I always say skirt. You wouldn't believe how much fabric I have justified buying on the basis that I may one day turn it into a skirt!
Toggle Commented May 7, 2013 on you know me . . . at threadmark
Really glad to hear that you like the hangers - and the dress is gorgeous. While I love my son dearly and now can't imagine what it would be like to have a girl, it's just one of those cruel ironies that my fabric stash contains mostly little girl fabrics. If I'm honest, I do suffer a little bit of fabric envy when I see wee dresses like this!
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on I made something! at Little Acorn
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