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Charlottesville, VA
I eat. I travel. And I write about both.
Interests: Travel, food, wine, photography, art, books, and writing.
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I was just wondering what to do with my lemon verbena, which is growing by the FOOT every day. Thanks, lovely post :0)
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@clotilde - I love your comment (below). I'm such a food history geek, it's nauseating... "I also use the term "food enthusiast" (although I agree it is a bit clunky, it's infinitely less grating that the "f" word) to describe the fact that I'm not just interested in the cooking part, but the world of food in general -- all aspects of it, including the cultural, historical, political, and anecdotal ones."
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I was at that Lola benefit (even blogged about it), and Hubby and are STILL raving about Paul Kahan's suckling pig and blood sausage dish. Mmmmmmmm....
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I think Jennie may have the ultimate response to this article. After I read it, I actually applauded!
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I have to say too, that I'm incredibly jealous that I cannot write like this. I commented at Ruhlman's blog and rambled on and on, knowing what I WANTED to say, just not sure how. Thanks for showing me :) :)
Do you hear that? That's the sound of me applauding WILDLY! You go girl! (excuse the slip into excitable slang, but this post is GOOOOD) :0)
Michael, thank you for blogging about this. I too, thought the article was "meandering" and didn't really get to its point until the last quarter. The first three for me were rehash - stuff we've heard so many times before (e.g., home cooking has decreased, everybody's getting fat eating takeout, Julia is God) With the resurgence of home gardens and the increased focus on "buying local" UNprocessed foods I thought cooking was on the upswing - which was certainly evidenced by the HUGE amount of cooks/bloggers at the Share Our Strength Twitter event the other night. Are we a specialized lot? Or is home cooking actually on the rise and Pollan's theory is at least 5 years old? Haven't I heard about the evils of Food TV somewhere before this??? Hmmm.... Food and sustainability seem to be so closely linked right now it made me wonder if Pollan was way off base. Plus, in a recession people can't really AFFORD takeout and going to restaurants, can they? Aren't people supposedly "shopping their pantries" (like shopping their closets?) I resist labels like "foodie" or "cook" like so many others who've commented before me. No one whose passion is food can be slipped conveniently into categories. My husband and I plan our vacations around meals. We're at breakfast, already wondering what we'll eat for lunch, for dinner, for breakfast tomorrow. We watch and love food TV and immediately run online to print off the recipes. We proudly cheer for Michael Symon (on Iron Chef) and Jonathan Waxman (Top Chef Masters). I also blog - about restaurants and about our local food scene because frankly, blogging about cooking is STRESSFUL for me. The very act of cooking is stressful because my mother made Julia Child look like a rank amateur. To this day whenever I put whisk to bowl I compare myself to her. Yeah, it's my issue and I'm working through it, but as a result cooking has become a kind of therapy. Useful, healthy therapy which calms me down and helps me grow as an adult woman - NOT THE STUFF OF BLOGS. Plus, doesn't stopping to take photos and type out a description NEGATE the whole feeling of well being, and peace, and soulfulness that cooking is supposedly going to inspire? If you STOP every step to photograph and take notes, isn't the flow interrupted? Just had a thought - all these blogs with people cooking. What is their purpose? Are they bragging? (Look what I made!!) or are they sharing? I am attempting to provide locals with food news and reviews in a small town where there is none. I know my purpose. What are these other guys doing? Are they hoping for a movie deal? Thanks for the ramble, and guys, some VERY thoughtful comments here, food for thought if you will, nice job...
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Awwwww...wish I had known this conference was happening less than 3 hours from home! (bookmarking the Greenbrier calendar to check back next year). Sounds like a great one - I'd like the panel to talk about how they think blogs and the local food movement will change food writing. Food writing has taken over fiction as my favorite writing genre to read (and write). Will blogs make it more popular? Will food writing become as popular as memoirs became a few years ago?
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