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My understanding (which could be mistaken) was that the Bork hearings were more substantive, but that this was a deliberate strategy by Sen. Biden to discredit Bork. That is, by suckering Bork into acting like this was a law school symposium, Biden was able to draw out those facets of Bork's judicial ideology that were academically consistent but politically unpalatable, sinking the nomination.
I unfortunately don't have the standard deviations. I do know that with the exception of Justice Kennedy (for whom there is no correlation in any direction) and Justice Thomas (who, as Alvin indicates, doesn't ask enough questions for him to be measured), the findings do hold solid for the individual justices.
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Am I the only one who reads "the hut" and immediately associates it with "Jabba"? Not the correlation Yum has in mind, I assume.