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Kevin Richardson
Dallas, TX
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Thanks for sharing your experience Paul. Not only did Hilton lose CRM Evolution but I now question it (at best) when I book travel to NYC. I wonder if there is value in the thought of the doctor becoming the patient...having all at the hotel (in this case) spend a night as a guest (undercover guest). So often the "Customer Eye's View" makes such a huge difference. Seems that the best companies today take seriously the mantra, "We are because of our customers."
Thank you for making this site a place for co-creation and collaboration Valeria! I tend to think of what you're talking about in terms of the customer. While it takes both business and customer to create the final product some companies still see that as licenses to merely take customer feedback and build what they want. I talk in terms of customer guided collaboration. In fact when I facilitate meetings I have signs I'll hold up when the company talks about how an idea won't work for them that simply says, "It's not about you." There's nothing more rewarding than tackling tough problems together. Love what you're professing here Valeria!
Well put Richard. Each encounter either grows or deteriorates the relationship. Your example is spot on. I'd take your thought about organizing a community and say find someone who gets customer service and and has a servant leader mindset. There's your community manager.
A 2009 World Series social network! Had I been a Yankees or Phillies fan I would have been all over this. As a lifelong Dodgers fan (next year is our year) I have found solace in OSNs with other frustrated Dodger fans that used the World Series to discuss the Dodgers plans for next year. Being in CRM for the tradeshow/event industry it is my hope that OSN flourishes. Associations are creating buzz and gathering feedback before events, attendees are planning meetups and discussing announcements in real-time (both attendees that are present and those who are not). Virtual events are starting to pop-up as a way to attend from your office, house, hotel. All with two truths in mind: 1. The event will come to an end 2. We who connect because of that event will be changed forever as a result of the connections made...and through those connections start new and different discussions. These OSNs seem to have a great deal in common with the traditional tradeshow/corporate event, with greater residual connective power.