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Speaking of religious mockery... Jesus and Mo rule!
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Thank you, Greta, for expressing with more authority what I had already in my mind. I always felt that this "being good in bed" (as a single person) was an expression that was rather full of hot air and not much substance. The aspects of stamina, endowment and looks are probably pretty relevant in a sexual experience, but surely it ultimately takes a good deal of intimate teamwork to have intercourse? How can someone say a priori that they are good at providing sexual experiences without knowing the partner and their preferences involved? If anything, it's, as you say, "good at communicating and paying attention" and also, I think, the ability to adapt. Even the hottest, most "staminous" stud or the most gorgeous, tightest model (I'm not particular) are going to be rubbish if they insist on doing the things how they personally like it without regard to what the other person enjoys. Both partners are going to end up disappointed and probably blaming each other for "not being good enough in bed", which doesn't really make much sense, does it? It's all about teamwork, and that takes either a good, lucky chemistry or the ability to communicate (verbally or not) and, of course, adapt consequently.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on Good In Bed at Greta Christina's Blog
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Great piece, Greta. I've been submerged in the atheist community for quite a while already, and I can attest that it is about as LGBT-friendly as it can get without being queer itself. So much, that now that I've recently awakened to my own bisexuality I haven't really even felt any need to go anywhere else in need of acceptance. Because of this, I didn't have a good idea of the attitude of the queer community to the atheist one until I started reading your blog. I must say I was rather surprised, since I expected a larger overlap and cohesiveness. How can queers still pander to religion when most major ones would have us sent to hell?
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