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Fahrenheit 212, a New York-based innovation consultancy
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Totally agree, Vijay. Smart companies are going on offense, innovating for the recession, and are likely to end up far better off than their hunkered down, fearful competitors. At Fahrenheit 212, we've been helping our hospitality and gaming clients grow their top-line by finding new ways to leverage their existing assets. We're seeing industry leaders recognizing that now's the perfect time to tackle bigger - but perhaps fewer - projects. An encouraging sign of can-do courage in the face of adversity.
Ed, pay-for-performance is also the business model at our innovation consultancy Fahrenheit 212. Companies seeking to innovate for this recession and pull off the kind of positive outcomes enjoyed by Kellogg's, Apple, et al [as Surowiecki's piece delineates] should find partners who share the risks and rewards of bringing bigger ideas to market faster. That's always been our M.O. at Fahrenheit 212.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2009 on Growing your business in a recession at BeyondVC
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