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Is "Jesus H. Christ with biscuits and gravy" a common expression? Whereabouts? I've never heard it before.
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What Jesse said. In fairness, though, I must assume that all the points people bring up here are part of the multitude of memes that you find you need to repeat, hence the decision to start this meme collection. The point of this first meme is not to define atheism, but rather to refute the common accusation that atheists are certain the Christian god doesn't exist. Perhaps if it didn't read like a definition it would be clearer. I am sorely tempted to form my own list of "favorite" misconceptions about atheism, and I may, but I won't do that here.
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The big problem, for me, are the cases where the same person does make the same tired, old, refuted arguments, over and over and over again. These people don't listen, don't accept any evidence, don't read any references other than AiG and similar material. But there they are, trotting out the arguments again. In their own twisted logic, they're saying, "Here come the atheists, with their tired bogus refutations, over and over again! Don't they know they're wrong by now?" You hope there are other people reading the argument who benefit from seeing the refutations, but you may never know, and it's very frustrating.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2009 on Atheism and Patience at Greta Christina's Blog
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