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Fossil CNG gives a 20% reduction in CO2 compared to diesel which is a significant reduction. Biomethane (CBM) is an unbeatable fuel, no food or sustainability issues, made from waste. It has an exceptionally good well to wheel CO2 performance because you make the fuel were the vehicles are. THe Passat Ecofuel car is the benchmark - 0 - 60 in 9.3 secs, range of 400km on CNG or CBM (and 300 KM more on petrol). UK is building 10 large new gas fired power stations to make electricity we are needing - far better for the plant to use this gas to run vehicles instead. The vehicles that use a lot of fuel like trucks and buses, not EVs that would replace (in my case) a low CO2 Petrol Smart.
The Passat Ecofuel is the first time an OEM has designed a CNG/boiomethane car from first principles - twin supercharger, turbocharger, different valve seats etc.....150 bhp, 0 to 60 in 9.3 seconds. On fossil natural gas only 119 g/km - around 20% less that the equivalent performance diesel engine. No wonder this car is selling well.....wait til the others do the same.....add 'stop start' etc and focus on CO2 and may be able to get a Passat at around 100 g/km. For a big car that is exceptionally good. Because its frugal, has a total range of 800 km on CNG and then on petrol.
Running a diesel truck on dual fuel diesel-CNG gives the CO2 reduiction of the CH4 molecule with the efficiency of the diesel engine - reduction in CO2 per km of around 25%. Hard to beat that. Couple this with biomethane instead of fossil natural gas and you have a 75% reduction in CO2 compared to diesel with the advantage that the vehicle still runs on diesel if there is no gas (so no range issue) Expect to see this market grow massively in next 5 years.
GM many not know this but they have a subsidiary called Opel that makes a car called a Zafira CNG Turbo that runs on natural gas and also petrol with very low CO2/km, 500km range, good performance. So no need to waste approx 50% energy to convert natural gas into liquid or hydrogen or electricity. Across the world GM subsidiaries are making CNG cars, someone should point this out to GM folk in the US. Even better, home refuelling devcices mean that the natural gas can be put in the car during the night, in future using surplus renewable energy.