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I loved Jesus For President! Shane said so much better than I ever could thing I've been trying to say for years!! I recently befriended an American soldier who served in Iraq. He became an alcoholic trying to deal with the devastating effect of war. He is now serving the Lord, staying sober and slowly healing. He said it was okay if I shared his poem and I thought everyone hear would appreciate his honesty as well as pray for him. Decision Fri 5:42am Could it be that little girl or little boy is it real or just a toy Everyday is never the same so our heads have to be in the game the kids look like their having fun Truth is their about to shoot and run In Iraq its the kids that pull the trigger who ever would have figured we can’t look at the enemies age even the young are sage In your arms watching them die Leaves you breathless, with not even a sigh It’s all part of war That’s why you have to be hardcore They have the choice but made a mistake Because it was our life or his to take This road has been hard and long But He is the one that did the wrong This war has made my life a living Hell Look into my life and you will be able to tell. Tim Bragg