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Debbie P. (mother hubbard)
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I made a big pot of Zatarain rice this morning for my husband and two boys ages 8 years and 16 years before I left to teach my music class. I came back home and ate my rice, beans and tortilla. I didn't measure anything. My friend who is doing the challenge told me that I should be measuring both my water and my meals with the cup, I told her that I didn't believe that was right. But since reading the blogs, I realized that I must have missed something. I was absent on this past Sunday, so that could be true. It is nearly ten p.m. on the first day of the challenge and I am hungry but glad to be taking part in this challenge, because I do realize how truly blessed we are in this country and how we take for granted what is truly a blessing and priviledge from God. Food options and clean water. Thanks Willowcreek for opening my eyes. "For the grace of God go I."