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This is day 1.5 of hurricane Irene. Power went out yesterday at 11 am. Fortunately FIOS (internet only) is still working. Have the wifi router connected to a generator circuit. My 160" antenna on the roof survived the storm well. I'm still seeing my over 30 Over The Air (OTA) channels - many in HD and some in 1080i (like the major networks). My portable generator - converted to Natural Gas - has been running for several hours. My last check was at 1 pm and I'll be checking the oil shortly. Neighbors have no Comcast and can't figure out how to put up a piece of wire to pick up the strong local signals broadcast OTA. Don't forget the basics! A cheap OTA antenna, set up as a backup, can be a lifeline.
I have the Roku player and a Wii. I'm interested in streaming on the Wii. I could put the Roku on another TV. Only problem is that the Wii with the "better" cables is 480i (what ever is the better upgrade)but the Roku is 720 and possibly 5.1 Dolby in the future.