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Sorry for the type O I meant to say, From what I can see the SG is very much alive and well.
From what I can see the Scuderi Group and it's technology they are very much alive and well.
I've been reading a lot of positive press on the Scuderi Group which indicates the are very much for real.
It sounds like there might be some real potential with the Scuderi Split Cycle engine technology. Why else would a world wide engine manufacture sign a memorandum of understanding with the intentions of working on a joint venture development project? BSFC rate of 187 g/kwh and a BMEP of almost 30 bar would definitely be ground breaking.
Roger, The Scuderi prototype has been running for over 2 years with around the clock research and developement by many top notch engineers at Southwest Research. There are many new advances on their split ctcle technology which unfortunitely you are not privy too. However the Scuderi Group has been publishing information via white papers, maybe they can answer some of your concerns on the reliability of the split cycle engine.
Roger, Your knowledge and commentary on new engine technologies is commemorable, however when it comes to the Split Cycle engine you seem to be a little closed minded. If you get a chance maybe you can look into the Scuderi technology with more of an openmind and come back with your findings. I can't see why several OEM's would be this interested in the split cycle potential, if there was no possibility of being more efficient and have more economical advantages than the Otto cycle engine of today.
The Scuderi Technology is the most developed and advanced Split Cyle engine in the world and several OEM's know it. SWR has been developing this engine for many years with staggering results and all of a sudden this small company out of W.Springfield Ma. is no longer a laughing matter. The American OEM's can not afford to delay moving on this groung breaking technology and it appears they just took a jump to the head of the class.
If HEV and PHEV are the way of the future, Why do they only have a market share of 2%, with projections of only 10%, ten years from now? Lets face it, the internal combustion engine is here to stay for a very long time. The consumer want them, the OEM's continue to develope them, and the Scuderi technology is the perfect engine design to meet all the OEM's future concerns.
The Scuderi Technology when fully optimize will get mpg never believed possible by any ICE. Your talking about running on H2 and fuel cells to achieve 78 mpg while this technology will someday exceed those number running on regular petro. What about the affordability to the end user? What about the infrastructure? Manufacturing costs? Saftey issues? Maintenance costs? Replacement parts costs? How many will be qualified to service these cars? The Scuderi technology is the overwhelming logical choice, and the OEM's are starting to believe. light.
Roger, I don't know any electric hybrids which have the "potential" to get over 90 MPH, still have the power and torque of a luxury auto, burns cleaner, cost less, and without having the issues of recharging, lack of infrastructure, battery disposal and cost of battery replacement. Seems like a no brainer, and Professor Hubert Hizinger is far from being out of the loop, he is a consultant to many international OEM's, his knowledge of engine designs is second to none.
I read about a world famous ICE engineer, Professor Hubert Hisinger, who went to Southwest Research to investigate the validity of the Scuderi engine claims. I also read that this "world famous engineering expert" left there endorsing the engine 100% and will help bring this technology to commercialization. It seems that studies. studies, studies, actually means something, something, something. I don't believe Professor Hizinger would endorse this engine if it came from a three ring circus Tom.
Unnatrual believer 1)Southwest Research has published white papers on the SSC engine, this information is 100% accurate, you can purchase the papers for $22.00 each. 2)There are many interested OEM who have recently seen the actual results and have already set up follow up technical meetings with their entire engineering teams. 3)Southwest Research is working on a few OEM specific data reports and have several additional requests which will be done in the near future. I think there is a little more going on here than a expert marketing plan. There will be licensing agreements signed in the near future and the company will have an IPO upcoming. The marketing aspect of the Scuderi Group makes a lot of sense in preperation for it's intial public offering.
Nick, The Southwest Research is working on several specific data requests from various OEM's. Also note, interest in the split cycle engine has increased dramatically in the past few years. Many OEM's have been researching their own versions of split cycle engine, however they have been unable to make it more efficient than the Otto design. The Scuderi Group and Southwest Research have figure out the past problems associated with this engine and the OEM's understand this. However, the proof is in the pudding, if this technology is for real the OEM's will sign licensing agreements in the not so distant future. Otherwise there are 800 other engine manufactures out there who can take advantage of this technology. The future looks bright for the Scuderi Group
Herm Before making a statement like that, it would have been wiser if you first did a little research on this technology. The scuderi's have stated they expect licensing the second half of this year and they have many OEM's looking closely at the technology. Do you think they would be paying any attention to the Scuderi technology if your statement had any accuracy to it. The world needs someone to developement a better efficient internal combustion engine, lets not beat down somebody trying to achieve this goal.
SJC Actually the results are stunning; the cost to build electric hybrid cars are much higher than using a Scuderi designed engine,(one powertrain versus two)and with less overhead brings a better bottom line. That's the language the OEM board members want to hear. Also the power and torque will make their automobiles more appealing and marketable to the consumer,(not many electric hybrids being sold, maybe 2 1/2% percent of the entire auto industry, possible 10% of the market by 2016. Also note, the Scuderi design used in this comparision is only the basic version of future advancements to be developed. When the OEM's get their hands on this technology the engines will get closer to 100% better MPG and burn 80% NOX.
The Southwest Research is working on more than a few special projects, requested by various OEM's, who have signed NDA's. These are the more interested parties who have been following the technology since it's inception. The Nissan Sentra/Scuderi Engine results will be made public in the near future, all other projects are strictly confidential.
The Scuderi engine advancements are really incredible when you take into consideration the limited resources they have compared to OEM's who are sinking billions into their R&D programs. Once the OEM's start using this technology with their own resources, the effciency gains will be much higher than now being published. The Scuderi's have many interested OEM's today and this technology is being taken very seriously.
Azmio, This will be in a car within 3 years, several OEM's are already mapping the engine for their own auto's and light trucks. The efficiency gains in the production engines will be far more efficient than the conservative claims the Scuderi's are stating. This is one of the biggest innovations of the new millinium and by the end of this year every OEM, scientist, ecologist, engineer, government official and average dude, will also know about the technology.
All the OEM's want from Southwest Research is the "proof of concept", they will develope their own engines, file own patents, create own advancements. Southwest Research is taking actual engine data from there proto-type, putting it into the OEM's specific cars and trucks. The data received by the OEM's will be so compelling they will sign licensing as soon as the paperwork is completed. More than one license will be signed this year and the entire world, other than the OEM's who already know, the Scuderi investors who already know, will finally take the Scuderi Technology seriously.
The simulation results of the Chevy Cavalier are just a fraction of what the actual gains will be with the new generation Scuderi V engine currently being developed. There will be "white papers" on the base model Scuderi Engine available prior to the April SAE conference however, the V engine will have efficiencies, "sit down" in excess of 100% better than todays most efficient engines. Also H-2 FCV would be to expensive for the average driver to afford, the re-tooling cost to the OEM's are high compared to return on their investment. Fuel cell developement is still in its infantile stages of developement, and more developement needs to be done in order to make it more affordable. The FVC's are probally 15 to 20 years away while the Air-Hybrid engines will be the bridge for the next 10 to 15 years and most OEM's already know this.
TT After the Scuderi Group goes public, significant returns/money would already be in the pockets of many small investors. These are investors who had the insight to be part of a this advanced technology and were not afraid to back it up with there hard earned dollars. It's not just about the Scuderi's personally but more like the Scuderi family which also includes all investors.
Most of the Scuderi comments on this web site have been anti-Scuderi from the same group of naysayers however the Scuderi Group continues to keep the interest of 15 of the top 20 OEM'S. Why so? Do you think the top OEM's executives and engineers would pay them the time of day if there was no real substance in this technology? After licensing agreements are sign and the company goes public will you still have reason to continue to bash the Scuderi Group? Your future credibility is at stake.
Tom Toppa The Scuderi engine recently was awarded 2010 Industry innovator at the SAE Detroit show in April . Frank Sherosky a very experienced Mechanical design engineer wrote a fantastic article for the Detroit automotive Examiner. Please read the article and let me know if this changes your opinion on the Scuderi engine status. Thanks
The engine mapping will be completed by the end of March and sent to all OEM's who have signed non-disclosures. What significance will these engine maps have? Do they mirror actual engine data results? And of what importance will it have with the various interested OEM's?