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Becky, Thank you for recognizing Brookie Dakake and Continental Airlines for their excellent customer service. It's an opportunity for celebration. All the people in Brookie's life can celebrate her actions and their part in them. Like Miki, I suspect that Brookie just considered her actions as doing the right thing. Helping you made her feel good. She may not have considered herself a leader, but she behaved as a leader. And as Mary Jo said, she was "showing great humanity." Isn't she the type of person you want on your team? I gather that the management of Continental Airlines empowered Brookie to do what she did. Bully for them. True leaders create environments where people are empowered to engage their know-how to solving problems. Let's not forget though that Brookie didn't come into this world with a clear understanding of what was the right thing to do and how to do it. She learned that through experience. And that was through interactions and the influences of many people. That list includes Brookie's management and, just as importantly, her family, friends and the people in her community. I am pausing to celebrate all these things coming together to make your journey a little more pleasant. Warm regards, -Steve
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